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So here's the thing...

You've bought a website; it looks great - until you see it on your mate's Mac. You have some news that needs to go up today - but your web designer is away, and he'd charge you £50 to do it anyway.

Things don't have to be like that.

At Silverfish Design, we offer a personal service. You may well be looking at this page because you have met one of us. Or perhaps we were recommended to you by one of our existing clients? That would be because our customers like what we do so much that they wanted you to know about us.

Nothing looks as unprofessional as an out of date website. We pride ourselves on creating adaptable, accessible and usable websites which meet the highest industry standards and don't rely on specific browsers.

While some companies will offer you a content management system that can be as complex to use as writing websites in the first place, our customers get the right solution for them, whatever their technical skill level, and we give them the training and support they need to use what they've bought from us.

Please email us to discuss any project you may have in mind.